Monthly Archives: July 2013

Dill Bread

When I was young, every once in a long while, we would pile in the car and go shopping at… Continue reading »

Fisherman’s Wharf Rice Salad

This is one of those ‘salads’ that when you look at the list of ingredients you wonder if this was… Continue reading »

Golden Ginger Scones

My mom loved scones. L-O-V-E loved scones.  We took a trip to England once…just the two of us, she drove… Continue reading »

Oatmeal Cookies

Hold your horses.  These are not the kind of oatmeal raisin cookies you were expecting.  These glorious, buttermilk-using cookies are… Continue reading »

Ramen Cabbage Salad

One of my very favorite salads that my mom used to make was this cabbage salad with toasted ramen.  The… Continue reading »